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SATURDAY  March 27th

An Unforgettable Online Event

2am PST - 6pm PST

10am BST - 2am BST

Welcome to the 5th Virtual Craft Festival!  This month we have some old friends and new friends back representing  makers from all around the world , from Greece to America , Australia to the UK.

So why not join us for what promises to be a fantastic day of art, crafting and making.




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" I am a Maker that loves woodworking and i tend to gravitate towards to the Lathe and the Scrollsaw and often find it difficult to pick between the two. I am also one of the Hosts of the Makers International Podcast "



" Hi my name is Carl Jacobson, I started woodworking with my grandfather as a young boy. I continued woodworking through high school, and started woodturning after seeing a turned project in a friends shop. Some of my fondest memories are working with my grandfather in his wood shop. Being able to share our passion for woodworking, ties it all together. "



“ Foster Holcombe is the son of Richard Holcombe and Margaret Reidpath Foster and the great grandson of Darwin Martin. he was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. after graduating high school he moved to Denver, Colorado, where he studied business at the university of denver. that was also where, in 1976 he opened a stained glass studio. with an eye towards church restoration and in order to expand his studio, he attended a summer seminar in glass enameling techniques at Pilchuck in 1978.

It was there that foster became interested in glassblowing. in 1980-81 upon learning of a program for studio artists in the United Kingdom he moved to England in order to study glassblowing, glass decorating and glass technology in Stourbridge, the Heart of England’s glass industry. in 1985 Theda Hansen joined Foster and they created a line of glass uniquely their own. together they bring you more than 70 years experience in designing and creating glass. the first glassblowing studio, water valley glass, was located in Hamburg, NY. after that came an opportunity to present educational narrated demonstrations at various renaissance festivals, including the sterling renaissance festival in Sterling, NY. after leaving the Sterling Festival the Art of Fire seasonal studio in Chaumont, NY, was opened to the public.

in June, July and August visitors are invited to participate in the glassblowing experiences that are offered. art of fire has grown with the addition of two resident artists, Todd Hansen and Josh Ries and is located in Laytonsville, Maryland. the studio is known for its creativity, custom pieces and educational glassblowing presentations. in the fall the art of fire group continues to present educational narrated demonstrations at the Maryland renaissance festival. Foster’s passion is glass and he is more than happy to share his passion through classes, demonstrations and a program for interns who want to spend time in the studio learning all phases of the glassblowing business. “

Art of Fire Glassblowing - YouTube



Andy is a lifelong maker and creative, and has been making for a living for nearly 35 years. He was close to a creative burn out in 2015 when he found the Maker community online and is eternally grateful that the people found there have given him back the joy of creating. Working mainly in woodworking, he continues to explore molding and casting, photography and most recently sewing. Curiosity and exploration of new skills are his highest priority as a Maker.

(Andy Birkey - YouTube



I started woodturning to help me rehabilitate after a serious illness left me disabled. I enjoy traditional woodturning but also like to explore more modern designs and am slowly getting into colouring. It's been a fantastic experience and I'll be forever grateful to the makers community for all its help and support.

Mark The Gentleman Woodturner - YouTube


Κostas Annikas Defteraios is a profetional woodturner from Kefalonia island in Greece. His profession is to create interior design items. He was born and raised in Cephalonia, where his company "Annikas Greek Handicrafts" is based in recent years. Through his YouTube channel, which he maintains since 2015, he managed to spread the art of wood lathe in Greece. He is one of the creators and managers of the Greek Woodturning Team and a member of the artistic group ArtStreet52. In all the years of his career he has collaborated with painters, sculptors and various types of artists. He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, his works are hosted in personal collections around the world. Every year, wood lathe enthusiasts visit him in his workshop to watch or learn his techniques​


WAYNE - Copy (3).png

Wayne The Woodturner

" Hi, I've been turning since 1986. I was doing a pre release course from the Army and using the lathe was part of the course. I loved it. I went home on leave and bought a second hand Arundel J14 Lathe. I upgraded, quite a few times and now use an Axminster 1628 for day to day turning, a VB 36 for big stuff and a small Axminister lathe for some smaller work. I love turning wood, I'm lucky because I am retired so that leaves plenty of time to be in the cave. I like trying different things, whether it's colouring, texturing, burning or anything else that anyone has done that I can try. If I can pass on any knowledge or tips to others out there is a bonus. "



Stewart has been demonstrating at woodturning clubs for the last three years, following on from producing YouTube videos on colouring and texturing. He was a main demonstrator at UKIWS 2018 and Chestnut Products Woodturning Weekender in 2019 and their virtual weekender in 2020, and was highly commended in British Woodturner of the Year 2019.

This year, alongside demos on Zoom, he has written a series of articles for Woodturning Magazine, and before the pandemic, he was running one-to-one teaching workshops on colouring techniques. Not all his work is coloured or textured, with perhaps half of his turning being left natural, which sometimes surprises people as he has become known for his colouring and somewhat cavalier approach.

Stewart uses stains and paints to colour wood in a wide variety of ways, using some very low-tech approaches with kitchen roll,  to airbrushing with stencils, templates and masks. Texture is added to some pieces with a grinder or a rotary tool. Sometimes he doesn't know when to stop - which is seen in some of his more outlandish YouTube offerings! It's this creative aspect that enthuses him most and he enjoys sharing this on social media and even more with real-life woodturners. Be assured, there'll be some colour on show for his demo at the Virtual Craft Fair!

(Stewart Furini - YouTube



Hello, I’m Jake from Amarillo Texas, my family and I were always into working on cars. Going to car shows and drag racing. I was a professional mechanic until an injury changed my life forever. I found woodworking, resin casting, turning. I started YouTube to document my progress and it has turned into something so much more.  I’m glad to be a part of this event. I hope you enjoy the show!

Jake Thompson - YouTube



A short bio....ugh. here goes:

I am Cy from Cy's Corner, which is the name of my woodshop. I am a hobby woodworker and I also make videos of the things I create. I started with intarsia and that is still my favorite woodworking to do. When I'm not working on wood I am looking for wood!  

Cy's Corner - YouTube



Born in Western Pennsylvania, Heidi has always had a passion for nature, science, and artistic endeavours. Graduating from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts for Sculpture, she set her professional life in gear focusing on commercial art. During that time, Heidi has also blossomed as a ceramicist and potter. Taking up the craft as an outlet soon after she was married. She immersed herself even further into the endeavour after the birth of her son, Carver, in 2016. Her primary thrown objects are mugs and lidded vessels. Combining her love for pottery and a new enjoyment for turning, she has also been making mixed media pieces. "There is so much to clay, to pottery and to the sintering process that I find fascinating. It checks all of the boxes for me. I can use my commercial skills to come up with fun designs - use my sculpting skills to embellish pieces - and my curiosity for science in experimenting with different glazing and finishing techniques. It's never boring. Now that I'm also experimenting with woodcrafts like turning my brain is just exploding with ideas "



Dale is a self confessed maker; from woodwork to software! "A day isn’t complete without me being able to say 'Hey I made this' ". Making things has been a way of life for Dale particularly in the Digital realm since he was a boy, but when he turned his hand to building his own home his love of woodwork was born and he hasn’t looked back since. Dale's YouTube channel focuses on making wood art using the lathe & scroll saw with more than a little spray paint art and resin work thrown in.  "We've been doing this for a few years now. Still amazes me people seem to like what I do! I have so much fun doing it, it all just seems like a bunch of arty antics and shenanigans :) "

The Virtual Craft Festival is Supported by 



" Ever since I can remember I have been tinkering with computers, pulling apart electronics and figuring out what makes things tick.

It’s probably of little surprise to anybody that I eventually ended up pursuing a career in engineering.

I am now a successful project manager for an engineering company in the south of England and work with an amazing team of engineers. I love my job as it introduces me to new engineering challenges each day.

However, I really enjoy getting my hands dirty and creating something entirely by myself.  I also live for sharing what I’ve made and hopefully inspire or help a few others to do the same.

In recent years I’ve started to learn woodworking and am really enjoying it especially some more specific areas such as woodturning and scroll sawing.  A big regret from growing up was not listening to my father; a carpenter of 35 years and learning what I could.  I am however more than making up for it now calling him and pestering him for advice when I need it! "

The Woodgineer - YouTube



" Marcy Ferro is a full-time artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Marcy began drawing at a very young age and painting with oil paints around the age of six. She took every art class available at school including sculpting, drawing, painting, dance, acting, and many others in the field of the arts.

Around 2007, Marcy began practicing with acrylic paints and became enthralled with mixed media. She began creating custom portraits and mixed media paintings for friends and family, and her career as an artist began to grow.

Marcy is now the owner of a successful and growing YouTube channel, Mixed Media Girl, where she teaches acrylic pouring and other art techniques with video tutorials. She also teaches others how to make a business with their art through her YouTube channel, The Business of Art, and is the author of Mixed Media Girl’s Tips for YouTube Success."

Mixed Media Girl - YouTube



" I am 69 years old, I started woodturning as a school boy at the age of 13 and when I left school, I intended to be a carpenter however I didn’t. I went into the dockyard in Plymouth as an engine fitter, fitter and turner apprentice and when I finished my apprenticeship, I went to work for the AA repairing cars on the road for 31 years. During that time, I restarted my wood turning and carpentry in the 1980’s approximately 1983 and then retired from the AA and set up my own business in 2004. This business was in property maintenance and landscaping and set up my workshop with all the necessary machines and tools for the business. This included making bespoke windows and furniture and turnings etc. At 65 I developed heart problems and after having two heart stents and a third when I was 66, I decide to retire for good. Since then, I have been woodturning and making thing with wood as a hobbyist. Having watched YouTube videos for entertainment for some time my son suggested that I should do some videos for fun. So, in the last four months I have set up a system to record and go live. "

TFTurning - YouTube



First thing you need to know is I love to have fun. People that know me say I am fun loving and a little crazy. People that meet me say I have a screw loose. But that’s what makes life worth living. A little about me. I am a 23 year combat veteran, who uses woodworking to relax and deal with everyday stress. I started woodworking in high school and dabbled throughout my life in the military. Upon retiring in 2012 I decided I needed a hobby to maintain my sanity. This is when I started buying tools and got my first lathe and I haven’t looked back since. I have a real passion for making high quality products. I’ve been told I am too critical of my own work, but I feel you should get the highest quality product for the money you pay. I love to try new things and tend to think outside the box. I love working with clients that want something new and fresh, that give me the freedom to create but want to work with me.


Any one who would like to get involved and support the event just reach out to us using the contact form and we'll be happy to get back to you.

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