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" I am a Maker that loves woodworking and i tend to gravitate towards to the Lathe and the Scrollsaw and often find it difficult to pick between the two. I am also one of the Hosts of the Makers International Podcast "



" Hi my name is Carl Jacobson, I started woodworking with my grandfather as a young boy. I continued woodworking through high school, and started woodturning after seeing a turned project in a friends shop. Some of my fondest memories are working with my grandfather in his wood shop. Being able to share our passion for woodworking, ties it all together. "


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I am a hobby turner who has been turning for just over two and a half years so a long way to go and still plenty to learning to be had. I started the channel up because my youngest daughter dared me to do a You Tube video and although I was reluctant to start with, here I am two years later producing videos and doing lives. Turning has given me so much, from a better mind set as well as being part of an amazing community plus a great group of friends.

I love doing the videos as I love sharing with others my learning journey. I have been doing lives only for a few months so it still new to me but I love the interaction with others within the chat on the lives.



" I stumbled upon resin casting in the pen making world. It provided a means to utilize local materials for pens that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to use. From the first casting I made in 2014, I was hooked.

Since then I’ve spent thousands of hours experimenting and practicing, and I have even turned that passion into my full-time job. I now make and sell my resin cast turning blanks worldwide and educate others in this craft through instructional videos and live online demonstrations. "



" I make things. Mostly out of wood but i also play with forging and ceramics. The purpose of my channel is to educate, entertain and push my boundaries. "


Κostas Annikas Defteraios is a profetional woodturner from Kefalonia island in Greece. His profession is to create interior design items. He was born and raised in Cephalonia, where his company "Annikas Greek Handicrafts" is based in recent years. Through his YouTube channel, which he maintains since 2015, he managed to spread the art of wood lathe in Greece. He is one of the creators and managers of the Greek Woodturning Team and a member of the artistic group ArtStreet52. In all the years of his career he has collaborated with painters, sculptors and various types of artists. He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, his works are hosted in personal collections around the world. Every year, wood lathe enthusiasts visit him in his workshop to watch or learn his techniques​



Rebecca was born and raised with her three brothers in Michigan. With their woodworking father and a stay at home artist mother, her and her brothers have never been short of inspiration. Rebecca and her brothers were home schooled from an early age, therefore given the opportunity to explore their forty acres and appreciate nature and wildlife. Throughout her young life, she developed her love of teaching and sharing information with others. She later went on to pursue an education at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, MI. After six years and an assortment of interesting twists and turns, she gained two bachelor’s degrees; one in Art education and the other in Sculpture and Functional Art. Before graduation, she received an offer to teach high school art at a school in Houston, Texas. The summer after graduation, she packed her things and made her way down to Texas to start this new and exciting chapter of her life. While it has been a challenge these past six years, Rebecca has always found time in her busy teaching schedule to create her own art. She now juggles teaching art, demonstrating woodworking and woodturning, and maintaining the regular production of her own gallery work. Eventually, Rebecca would like to focus all of her time on demonstrating and creating her own work, but we will have to wait and see when that dream will be made into a reality.



" My name is Miles and I am a content creator, maker and highschool student based in Portland, Oregon.  I enjoy working with all types of materials including wood, fabric, leather and metal.  Learning new skills, using new materials and sharing my adventures is what drives my passion for making.

I have been documenting my creations for my YouTube channel, Make With Miles, for the past 4 years.  This has opened up a whole new community of like-minded makers and content creators that I have gotten to know.  I hope that my videos inspire others to have the courage to try new things. "




" My Name is Andi Heal, born in the UK at the beginning of the 80's. In the early noughties I studied at UWIC in Cardiff, leaving with a BA hons in Fine Art. Work really took over my life to the point of un-healthiness, so a change in career and personal circumstances was in-order. This brought me to starting my YouTube channel and Instagram profile. Eventually I found my 'thing' and its now really built into a passion. Carving. I carve in wood, stone, metal or plastic I LOVE IT.​ "



" Marcy Ferro is a full-time artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Marcy began drawing at a very young age and painting with oil paints around the age of six. She took every art class available at school including sculpting, drawing, painting, dance, acting, and many others in the field of the arts.

Around 2007, Marcy began practicing with acrylic paints and became enthralled with mixed media. She began creating custom portraits and mixed media paintings for friends and family, and her career as an artist began to grow.

Marcy is now the owner of a successful and growing YouTube channel, Mixed Media Girl, where she teaches acrylic pouring and other art techniques with video tutorials. She also teaches others how to make a business with their art through her YouTube channel, The Business of Art, and is the author of Mixed Media Girl’s Tips for YouTube Success."



Andy is a lifelong maker and creative, and has been making for a living for nearly 35 years. He was close to a creative burn out in 2015 when he found the Maker community online and is eternally grateful that the people found there have given him back the joy of creating. Working mainly in woodworking, he continues to explore molding and casting, photography and most recently sewing. Curiosity and exploration of new skills are his highest priority as a Maker.



Dale is a self confessed maker; from woodwork to software! "A day isn’t complete without me being able to say 'Hey I made this' ". Making things has been a way of life for Dale particularly in the Digital realm since he was a boy, but when he turned his hand to building his own home his love of woodwork was born and he hasn’t looked back since. Dale's YouTube channel focuses on making wood art using the lathe & scroll saw with more than a little spray paint art and resin work thrown in.  "We've been doing this for a few years now. Still amazes me people seem to like what I do! I have so much fun doing it, it all just seems like a bunch of arty antics and shenanigans :) "



Cammie's Garage

Cameron has been an artist all his life. However, he did not start his art career until he lucked into the animation industry in his late twenties. This lead to a 20 year career in the animation industry and an animator and illustrator, working on numerous notable series, including The Simpsons. However, life took him in a different direction and, at 40 years old, went to university to pursue an art degree. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2016, Cameron has since been a full-time studio artist and content creator for YouTube and Instagram. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, he currently lives and works in South Carolina, USA.



So my name is Rich and my channel is called The Beard x16 . My channel is made up of builds using all sorts of materials preferably recycled ,vlogs ,weekly lives shows and a series called The Beard Invades where i interview makers in their own habitat .I have just started a spin off series called The Beard Invades pre-URL where i will be helping new and small youtube channels under 100 subs to grow



Emad Allaho is a former naval officer that left the Navy to pursue his dream of being a professional woodworker after he had been designing and building woodworking projects for more than ten years. His first project was a wooden arbor and gate to his house in 2004. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in math. Emad enjoys designing and building woodworking projects, no matter how big or small they are. His work was seen by thousands during the first season of Qout Market 2013 (Kuwait’s first farmers’ market) where he created the sign posts that became the landmarks of the market. Also, he designed and built the Welcome Booth, Drinking fountains’ stations and other wooden props for the market. Since he started his professional work as custom made/designed wooden pieces. He has been enjoying working with other businesses and individuals to design and create woodworking projects.



First thing you need to know is I love to have fun. People that know me say I am fun loving and a little crazy. People that meet me say I have a screw loose. But that’s what makes life worth living. A little about me. I am a 23 year combat veteran, who uses woodworking to relax and deal with everyday stress. I started woodworking in high school and dabbled throughout my life in the military. Upon retiring in 2012 I decided I needed a hobby to maintain my sanity. This is when I started buying tools and got my first lathe and I haven’t looked back since. I have a real passion for making high quality products. I’ve been told I am too critical of my own work, but I feel you should get the highest quality product for the money you pay. I love to try new things and tend to think outside the box. I love working with clients that want something new and fresh, that give me the freedom to create but want to work with me.

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