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" I am a Maker that loves woodworking and i tend to gravitate towards to the Lathe and the Scrollsaw and often find it difficult to pick between the two. I am also one of the Hosts of the Makers International Podcast "



" Hi my name is Carl Jacobson, I started woodworking with my grandfather as a young boy. I continued woodworking through high school, and started woodturning after seeing a turned project in a friends shop. Some of my fondest memories are working with my grandfather in his wood shop. Being able to share our passion for woodworking, ties it all together. "



I've always had a passion for building things with my hands, but after too many years of education and employment that I'd care to mention, in various industries I became dissatisfied with lining other peoples pockets. Sure a "regular pay check" means stability and all that; but in today's world where there is no such thing as a job for life, it really only seems like short-term security to me. So after a rather unexpected life change I decided to do what I love doing, for myself!

I have a background in Aerospace engineering, and have always loved making things, sitting at a desk is vial in my opinion, get up and do something!

I have a modest workshop, and small woodturning room where I undertake small commissions and property maintenance. Each job regardless of  how small gets the same attention to detail you would expect from someone who not only takes pride in what they do, but enjoys it too!



My name is Ian Robertson (Robbo) and I have been a production woodturner for 40 years running my own business. It is how I make my living turning everything from huge posts to tiny eave finials and everything between.
In this time I have demonstrated at numerous club, done private tuition, judged at woodturning shows and set up training manuals for clubs.



" Wood turning, jewellery design, wood working projects and news from my workshop!  I am a ring maker and I use lots of interesting materials such as wood, Damascus steel, precious metals and fossils. On my channel I show my process for making cool jewellery and give advice to budding artists on how to sell their work. "


Κostas Annikas Defteraios is a profetional woodturner from Kefalonia island in Greece. His profession is to create interior design items. He was born and raised in Cephalonia, where his company "Annikas Greek Handicrafts" is based in recent years. Through his YouTube channel, which he maintains since 2015, he managed to spread the art of wood lathe in Greece. He is one of the creators and managers of the Greek Woodturning Team and a member of the artistic group ArtStreet52. In all the years of his career he has collaborated with painters, sculptors and various types of artists. He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, his works are hosted in personal collections around the world. Every year, wood lathe enthusiasts visit him in his workshop to watch or learn his techniques​


WAYNE - Copy (3).png

Wayne The Woodturner



Scott Hampton

My name is Scott Hampton, a professional woodturner hailing from the city of Visalia that is located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and just a breath away from Sequoia National Park. Some years ago, with the encouragement and support of my family and fellow woodturning friends.


 I began the career of being a demonstrator, educator, and mentor of woodturning, with the hopes of traveling to visit and teach fellow woodturners across our great country about this wonderful and creative hobby.




" My Name is Andi Heal, born in the UK at the beginning of the 80's. In the early noughties I studied at UWIC in Cardiff, leaving with a BA hons in Fine Art. Work really took over my life to the point of un-healthiness, so a change in career and personal circumstances was in-order. This brought me to starting my YouTube channel and Instagram profile. Eventually I found my 'thing' and its now really built into a passion. Carving. I carve in wood, stone, metal or plastic I LOVE IT.​ "



Born in Western Pennsylvania, Heidi has always had a passion for nature, science, and artistic endeavours. Graduating from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts for Sculpture, she set her professional life in gear focusing on commercial art. During that time, Heidi has also blossomed as a ceramicist and potter. Taking up the craft as an outlet soon after she was married. She immersed herself even further into the endeavour after the birth of her son, Carver, in 2016. Her primary thrown objects are mugs and lidded vessels. Combining her love for pottery and a new enjoyment for turning, she has also been making mixed media pieces. "There is so much to clay, to pottery and to the sintering process that I find fascinating. It checks all of the boxes for me. I can use my commercial skills to come up with fun designs - use my sculpting skills to embellish pieces - and my curiosity for science in experimenting with different glazing and finishing techniques. It's never boring. Now that I'm also experimenting with woodcrafts like turning my brain is just exploding with ideas "



Dale is a self confessed maker; from woodwork to software! "A day isn’t complete without me being able to say 'Hey I made this' ". Making things has been a way of life for Dale particularly in the Digital realm since he was a boy, but when he turned his hand to building his own home his love of woodwork was born and he hasn’t looked back since. Dale's YouTube channel focuses on making wood art using the lathe & scroll saw with more than a little spray paint art and resin work thrown in.  "We've been doing this for a few years now. Still amazes me people seem to like what I do! I have so much fun doing it, it all just seems like a bunch of arty antics and shenanigans :) "

" Hi, I've been turning since 1986. I was doing a pre release course from the Army and using the lathe was part of the course. I loved it. I went home on leave and bought a second hand Arundel J14 Lathe. I upgraded, quite a few times and now use an Axminster 1628 for day to day turning, a VB 36 for big stuff and a small Axminister lathe for some smaller work. I love turning wood, I'm lucky because I am retired so that leaves plenty of time to be in the cave. I like trying different things, whether it's colouring, texturing, burning or anything else that anyone has done that I can try. If I can pass on any knowledge or tips to others out there is a bonus. "



Cammie's Garage

Cameron has been an artist all his life. However, he did not start his art career until he lucked into the animation industry in his late twenties. This lead to a 20 year career in the animation industry and an animator and illustrator, working on numerous notable series, including The Simpsons. However, life took him in a different direction and, at 40 years old, went to university to pursue an art degree. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2016, Cameron has since been a full-time studio artist and content creator for YouTube and Instagram. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, he currently lives and works in South Carolina, USA.



The Bluelight Turner

" Around 4 years ago, I found myself needing a hobby as a way of unwinding from my day job within the Emergency Services. Having visited the Woodturners At Amberley Museum and Heritage centre and seeing the pieces created from wood, I bought my first lathe together with some random chisels. Completely ignorant, I watched various videos and hacked at the timber but found myself forever Sanding and not a lot of shape to the items I turned. Now i turn as a hobby, and to unwind. "



" Born and raised in Las Vegas, Braxton has a natural knack and passion for woodturning and woodworking. He promotes sustainability by rescuing salvaged trees from around the Las Vegas Valley and turning them into beautiful, everyday items that will last a lifetime. "


VILLY - Copy.png

Woodturner since July 2019. Art fanatic, self-taught, manual work is my passion so as creating by hand. For me, starting with a piece of wood and being able to create a unique piece of art is the most wonderful thing to do.


Any one who would like to get involved and support the event just reach out to us using the contact form and we'll be happy to get back to you.

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